Supply chain
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Work towards a more sustainable chain by getting to know your suppliers and their products

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Bravenfelt supply chain platform

Upgrade how you share and collect data in your supply chain

Start with optimizing business processes with our digital suite of supply chain solutions. Bravenfelt helps you to solve data-related challenges in your business. Explore our use cases and see how Bravenfelt saves time and money for multiple functions within organizations across industries.
Supplier compliance use case

Supplier Compliance

The easiest way to collect documents and details from your suppliers. Fully automated, you never have to ask again.

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Traceability use case


Get to know the details of the products you are buying. Retrieve product specifications from your suppliers and provide product provenance.

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Supply chain mapping use case

Supply Chain Mapping

Map your supply chain and track who was involved in producing and manufacturing your product.

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Smart logistics planning use case

Smart Logistics Planning

Optimise the planning of your deliveries and logistics movements, and keep every involved party informed real-time.

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Every supply chain interaction improved

Your business will save time and money by exchanging supply chain data through Bravenfelt.
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Reduce costs and waste in supply chains

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Smart document management and sharing

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Smart supply chain logistics planning

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Simple and easy to use modules

Benefits of exchanging supply chain data through Bravenfelt.

How we do it

The Bravenfelt platform consists of 2 modules.

Bravenfelt Compliance

Save time and money with Bravenfelt Compliance

We're changing the compliance game, making it easy to comply with all international regulations. We've been working in the industry for decades, so we know what it takes to get things right.

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Bravenfelt Traceability

Reduce administrative time with automated tracking

Improve the visibility of your supply chain with a blockchain-based implementation of track and trace technology.

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Bravenfelt, exclusively for you

Find out how different departments within your organization can benefit from Bravenfelt.
Quality management

Quality Management

We provide a solution for problems identified by compliance experts, enabling users to avoid non-compliance situations, reduce preparation time for audits, automate data entry and allow for a flawless data collection process.

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Procurement and sales

Procurement and sales

Optimize onboarding processes for new suppliers, evaluate existing supplier relations and ensure compliance to specifications and purchase orders. Identify and manage risks by using Bravenfelt as compliance management software to map and monitor your supplier relations.

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Supply chain and logistics

Supply chain and logistics

Improve the visibility of your supply chain, and integrate with your business partners to create end-to-end traceability and improve logistics and warehouse operations with our digital solutions.

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Sustainability managers

Tell the supply chain journey of your products with our traceability module and implement compliance programs to support your company's sustainability goals.

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Finance professionals

Automate invoice processing, 3-way matching and other time-consuming processes by integrating ERP-systems such as SAP with our supply chain solutions.

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Listen to our customers

This is why we do what we do.

“With the document request lists I save at least 5 hours per week of boring tasks.”

Quality Manager
Review 1

“Transform dull admin work into valuable sustainable data on your supply chain.”

Quality Assurance Officer
Review 2

Incredible user experience for supplier document compliance.”

Procurement Manager
Review 3

Industries we serve

Bravenfelt serves a wide range of industries, from food production to construction contractors and fashion brands to juice producers.
Construction industry


With our smart logistics planning solution we help the construction industry to improve construction logistics and save valuable time and costs.

Fashion and apparel industry

Fashion & Apparel

We help fashion brands to realize sustainability goals by improving transparency and product provenance. Tell the supply chain journey of your products with Bravenfelt.

Food and beverages industry

Food & Beverages

We support quality programs for multiple organizations in the food and beverages industry. Get to know your suppliers and automate food compliance with Bravenfelt.

Manufacturing industry


Manufacturers use our compliance platform to collect supplier documentation and implement continuous compliance for production processes.

Bravenfelt is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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