How quality departments in the food & beverages industry use Bravenfelt in supplier compliance programs

In this blog we explain how quality departments in the food & beverages industry use Bravenfelt to collect supplier documentation.
January 12, 2023

Use a supplier portal to collect documents and certificates from suppliers

Bravenfelt lets you manage your supplier records in the cloud, allowing your team to centrally access and manage them. Your suppliers can manage their own proof of approval on your behalf, and the automatic generation of on-site control documents integrates supplier information into your overall quality management system.

Another reason food and beverage companies turn to partner portals for their suppliers is the transparency of supplier performance. Bravenfelt can go beyond the functionality of a centralized repository and actually turn your records into data intelligence. With this level of visibility, you can make supplier management decisions that support your evolving goals.

Automate the collection of supplier documentation

When you have a supplier management system, you streamline valuable supplier lifecycle information and data. It enables organizations to gain a deeper understanding of the number and types of suppliers involved and their performance, helping to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to further improve performance.

After collecting input data, companies need to choose which documents to automate. These documents could be certificates; supplier questionnaires or companies might even want to create different types of documents at the same time. You can also setup specific templates for each document type.

Bravenfelt is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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