Medibel has chosen for Bravenfelt to automate compliance and collect documents from suppliers.

Within the department Medibel Quality, one of the most time consuming tasks is managing supplier documentation. The continuous exchange of documentation with suppliers was a manual process involving many emails, complex folder structures and spreadsheets to keep an overview.

To achieve the goal of automating repetitive tasks around document compliance, Medibel decided to use the Bravenfelt Compliance module to request and review documents from suppliers. Having one central place for supplier information and an intuitive dashboard is a great improvement.

This approach helped Medibel to automate repetitive tasks, but also improves the experience for suppliers by streamlining the supplier onboarding process and document exchanges.


  • Up-to-date compliance dashboard
  • No use of emails and spreadsheets
  • Better user experience for administrative tasks
  • Collaborate with suppliers and colleagues


“Suppliers are given direct access to the portal, where they can upload documents and answer any corrective actions. The results have been impressive."

Bravenfelt is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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