Supplier Compliance

Supplier compliance is a hot topic in many industries, especially in the food and beverages industry. Managing supplier documentation is time-consuming and error-prone. You often don't know what you're missing until after the exam, which can be cumbersome and expensive. Ensuring you have the documentation you need for compliance has never been easier with Bravenfelt.
Supplier Compliance
Our supplier compliance solution leverages regulatory intelligence to streamline an organization's compliance management process. Improve supplier compliance with digital compliance rules integrated into core processes. We enable compliance teams to save time and reduce compliance risk by automating repetitive and administrative tasks.

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3 steps to automated compliancy

The easiest way to collect documents and details from your suppliers. Fully automated, you never have to ask again.
Import you suppliers
Import your suppliers

Import your supplier list, through a CSV import or a custom integration.

Supplier compliance templates
List the documents you need

Set your requirements for your suppliers once. List all the certifications, details and documents you want from them.

supplier compliance automation
Automagically stay compliant

Let Bravenfelt do the work, and you enjoy the insights.

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