Supply Chain Mapping

With our supply chain mapping solutions, you get a comprehensive but above all understanding of your entire supply chain. With this clarity, you can see where potential problems may arise and start creating emergencies.
supply chain mapping
As supply chain specialists, Bravenfelt provides solutions for all supply chains: from the simplest supply chains to complex multi-tiered supplier networks spanning multiple tiers and countries. With Bravenfelt, you can easily manage your relationships with suppliers in one system.

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Know your suppliers with Bravenfelt

Supply chain mapping is the process of collaborating throughout a supply chain to document the exact origin of each raw material. A typical supply chain map shows each step a raw material goes through from its source to your factory, and where it goes once it leaves your factory.

Mapping your supply chain means gathering information about your suppliers, your own suppliers and the people working in your supply chain to create a global map of your supply network. For convenience and ease of analysis, this information can be stored on a single data platform.
Supply chain visibility
Visualize your supply chain

Make a visual map of your upstream and downstream supply chain, by identifying the actors and flow of goods.

Insight in supplier relations
Understand supplier relations

Get insight in the relations between suppliers across multiple tiers in the supply chain.

Supplier risk management
Identify and act on risks

Identify and manage risks by using Bravenfelt to continuously monitor your supplier relations.

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