Supply Chain Traceability

Supply chain traceability is critical to any successful business as it enables companies to track a product from inception to purchase and even through its end-of-life activity – whether the product is resold or recycled. It also helps improve sustainability, efficiency, resilience and performance.
Supporting a traceability program can include launching a supplier program to ensure compliance with standards and collecting required data, supporting the program with automated IDs such as barcodes and RFID, and extracting elements such as data from supply chain, logistics, global trade management software, blockchain and internet of things.

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Benefits of supply chain traceability

Linking supply chain traceability to business goals is critical for any business looking to thrive in today's marketplace. In this way, companies can ensure that they produce high-quality and sustainable products that meet the needs of their customers. Additionally, end-to-end visibility tracks products throughout the supply chain, ensuring quality and reducing the risk of product defects and recalls.
Improve transparency
Improve transparency

Create efficiency in the delivery of goods by providing real-time visibility into the flow of goods within the supply chain.

Reduce quality costs
Reduce the cost of quality

Ensure strict adherence to product specifications, ethical sourcing, environmental and labor standards.

Improve supply chain tracking and monitoring
Better tracking and monitoring

With product tracking, you can track the journey of a specific product throughout the supply chain.

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